vierkant: Engineering, Design and product development


Engineering, craftsmanship and functional design meet in the vierkant design studio. These skills combined with creative thinking and an independent attitude, form the basis of our services:

Product development

  • Turn-key: from idea to finished product
  • advice
  • conceptual design
  • development
  • manufacturing
  • realization of large-scale projects
  • installations in multimedia and architectural contexts


  • Selection of technologies and materials
  • CAD Design
  • CNC milling
  • Fast-house production

Electronics development

  • Schematic and Layout Design
  • sensor
  • wireless technology (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, ...)
  • Microcontroller Programming (ARM, AVR, ...)

Software development

  • Web Development, Digital Signal Processing, Broadcasting Technology, Java, JavaScript, Spring Framework, jQuery, Node.js, C #, PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Android Development
  • UI/UX-Design

From the conception of the initial idea to the implementation vierkant is a reliable partner for electronic components and systems. The bare essentials being our focal point, we develop solutions for industry, art and architecture. The team of engineers from various disciplines (mechanics, electronics, software, design) offers creative solutions for client projects delivered on time. In the implementation, we use the latest technology, high-quality materials and a timeless design. This is how objects are created which become reference points in their environment, with an intuitive appeal and a sustainable effect.

HILTL Sihlpost menu

For a branch of the HILTL restaurant in Zurich vierkant has produced a menu made of parts of an old flight departure board.
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Bluetooth Input Device

For a large communications-service provider, we have implemented the conception, development and production of an Internet-of-Things-input device. This universal machine can be used in interactive presentations or smart home control. The device's specialty is that it gives the user the feeling of having a natural and intuitive gestures control at hand. The use of advanced radio- and LED technology and smart sensor technology combined with an innovative housingconstruction and modern materials provides the user with a unique experience.

Products by vierkant

Objects developed by vierkant are usually produced as limited editions in small series due to the rarity of the original material. A vierkant object always and unmistakably reflects the philosophy of the team – reduced to the essentials, with timeless appeal and clear spatial presence. The objects are to be acquired directly from the vierkant studio. Please contact us for individual variations.

Fallblatt CGN

A miniature flight departure board for displaying a calendar, the time of day or personal messages, controllable via smartphone.
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Handmade wall clock consisting of an original train station clock. Origin (station, track, date) and serial number are imprinted on each of these unique pieces.
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Wall clock or high table? Both! Out of a complete real train station clock a special design object was created. The dial on two opposite sides distinguishes this quality object.
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Collection of old objects

With the digitization, economic upheaval and displacement of industries the production of some technologies and mechanical objects came to an abrupt end. The decline is often not desirable, but the disposal of those objects is complicated and expensive. For well-preserved mechanical objects – of whatever complexity – vierkant offers the acquisition and technological development suited for the object's designated location or according to the customer's needs. Contact us.


With our complementary focal points, methodical competence and love for technological finesse we are a team specialized in particular technological challenges. We develop your personal solution and put it into practice. For certain types of work and trades we work with our network of specialized partners. Process and communication always remain in our hands.

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